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NeNeNe app

Post  NeNeNe on Mon Jan 23, 2012 8:38 pm

|| Application Format ||

Age ? :13

Where are you from ? :

In game name ? :

Names previously used ? :

all these names i have used for 1 day (laggy monster, mandom
Xfire (mandatory, need one) ? :
xfire i have atm is NeNeNe11

TeamSpeak (must have for scrims/fw) ? :

i never been in a scrim only a replacment which the scrim didn't count (FW) no idea what that is lol
Years/months of experience of CoD1.1 ? :
i have played for about 1 year and like 1 month

On a scale, from 1 - 10 what do you consider yourself being ? :
(10 Being the best)
5 on my lagg pc 8 on my bros

How often are you on CoD 1.1 ? :
lately not much because i have 200 ping in aussie severs and i lagg so much in amercian severs i use to be on about 5 hours a day but that was lost i ended that about last year in november.

Banned from any servers (Yes or no,if yes then reason why) ? :
i think i have/ i think it was froming being annoying or they though i hacked.

Any other clans you are applying for or being recruited by ? none:

Reason for joining ClockWork ? :
i am alright.

What can you bring to this clan ? :
nothing but fun but with fun i might get annoying.

Who invited you to join ClockWork ? :
no one.

Will you contribute to the clan and remain active on site and servers ? :.
site prob not but sever i might unless there is a aussie sever.


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Re: NeNeNe app

Post  papa on Mon Jan 23, 2012 9:01 pm

you need to be invited.

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