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Post  LegioN on Sun Nov 27, 2011 8:07 pm

Stark//Endrance: got good news for you
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: wat?
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: xD
Stark//Endrance: one of my butlers passed away
Stark//Endrance: you can fill his spot
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: awsome
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: who?
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: ded
Stark//Endrance: no one important
Stark//Endrance: anyway
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: wats the real news
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: Very Happy
Stark//Endrance: this is REAL news
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: LOL!
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: NAB
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: GTFO
Stark//Endrance: i'll call you Richard, the butler
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: U DICK
Stark//Endrance: and you address me as Master Stark
Stark//Endrance: or your majesty
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: stfu
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: homo
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: raging me on the forums
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: nab gtfo >.<''
Stark//Endrance: dude you want the job or not?
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: makein me sad
Stark//Endrance: i still have other rolls to fill
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: u make me sad
Stark//Endrance: like the advisor, personal bard, and guard dog
Stark//Endrance: so far my personal bard will be skrillex
Stark//Endrance: guard dog, sneaky
Stark//Endrance: who i shall call gareth
Stark//Endrance: yep..
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: erm
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: let me
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: be
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: erm
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: the
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: deen
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: of the house
Stark//Endrance: wtf
Stark//Endrance: no such roll
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: erm
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: NOU
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: ill be the door man
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: Very Happy
Stark//Endrance: you could be the queen (only by name)
Stark//Endrance: my real love is for a women named judge
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: IM THE DOOR MAN!
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: BITCH!
Stark//Endrance: who i later find out is a tranny
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: come on vent me n daze want a three way
Stark//Endrance: in a sec
Stark//Endrance: in like 15mins
Stark//Endrance: talk dirty to me till then
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: erm
Stark//Endrance: can't seem to get hard from all that pornhub
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: y did my admin rights get taken away?
Stark//Endrance: what admin rights
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: on the site.
Stark//Endrance: idk
Stark//Endrance: you were always blue if i recall
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: ask daze meow
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: i was sence
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: i always was.
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: then BAM even look at the admin app i got accepted
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: xD
Stark//Endrance: idk, daze considers this a new clan and all
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: >.<'''''''''''''~~?~?~?~?~?~!~~~~?~?~?~>~>~>>~>~>~L:LFDL:OHFOBOUIGUOAODGOd porn addict! PORN U LIKE PORN PORN PORN NIGGER DICK FUCK
Stark//Endrance: yeah..
Stark//Endrance: i was watching some fucked up shit
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: Very Happy
Stark//Endrance: 69 year olds giving 69
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rF1xE2rvyY
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: >.<
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: nasty
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: u watch that shit where they get tied up n strangeld EWY!
Stark//Endrance: hmm bondage?
Stark//Endrance: yep.
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: LOL
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: nasty
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: ass
Stark//Endrance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeaIvjoH1FY
Stark//Endrance: your choice of music always varies
Stark//Endrance: most of the time it's complete shit
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: stfu
Stark//Endrance: listen to that song
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fx8ZKG3ybHo
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: ^ thats better
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: n awsome
Stark//Endrance: that's the song i listen to when i come out of the shower
Stark//Endrance: it's okay
Stark//Endrance: better than usual
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: this song is terrible
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: >.<"""""
Stark//Endrance: your dick is terrible
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: ^ thats how it goers
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: song im using for my montage >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDFDZjMnnHQ
Stark//Endrance: invite daze to this convo
Stark//Endrance: and get more people into it
Stark//Endrance: like 5-8 people
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: how?
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: xD
Stark//Endrance: idk..
Stark//Endrance: actions -> invite more people
Stark//Endrance: all of my friends are playing games
Stark//Endrance: don't invite anyone that's playing
Stark//Endrance: and get daze in here
Stark//Endrance: i'm bored
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: wait how
Stark//Endrance: do you see actions?
«†L£gioN♦️‡ »: nope
Stark//Endrance: on your fucking xfire windom
Stark//Endrance: on this conversation
Stark//Endrance: lol@windom
Stark//Endrance: window
Stark//Endrance: besides the thing that says "Xfire" lmao
<This chat is now a chat room session>
<You have created this room. Settings can be changed under the Actions | Admin menu.>
<The room title is now "brent251678">
<Your current permission level for this room is "Admin">
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): LOL
<*<|:-) Cheese (thecheeseman999) (Power User) has entered the room>
<My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod) (Power User) has entered the room>
<*<|:-) Cheese (thecheeseman999) has left the room>
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): hi
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): i did it
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): xD
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): why am i here
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): WOOT
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): WOOT
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): WOOT
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): WOOT
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): can i leave
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): no wait
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): WHAT
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): woot
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): WAIT
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): WAIT
<Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf) (Power User) has entered the room>
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): t(-.-t)
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): Very Happy
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): it worked Very Happy
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): ok
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): we need moar
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): where the cool kids are at
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): but listin to this
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDFDZjMnnHQ
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): ur ugly
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): fred likes dicks
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): LOL
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): RANDOMS INCOMMING!
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): that
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): was
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): gay
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): WOOT
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): MOAR PPL
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): Very Happy
<nips (nipnips) (Power User) has entered the room>
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): you guys want a link to a 69 year old doing a 69?
<Cash. (aklgh) (Power User) has entered the room>
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): LOL!
<kickerbs (Power User) has entered the room>
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): LOL!
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): LOL!
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): no thanks
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): moar ppl
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDFDZjMnnHQ
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): why npt
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): ur gay
nips (nipnips): LOL
<kickerbs has left the room>
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): it's hawt
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): EHEHHEHE
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): EHEHHEHE
Cash. (aklgh): >(
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): its gettin hawt in here
nips (nipnips): <-- secxy
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): <--- SEXY!
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): <- secxiers
nips (nipnips): naw
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): yaw
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): <--- homophobe
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bparw9Jo3dk
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): ^ OLD PPL
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): SUNLIGHT HURTS MY EYES
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bparw9Jo3dk
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): gtfo
<Cash. (aklgh) has left the room>
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): stop fucking spamming links, dickhead
<nips (nipnips) has left the room>
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): nou
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): sheesh
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): 0.0
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): they left
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): 0.0
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): cause of you, idiot
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): NOU!
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): i'm gonna leave.
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): we need to be all stealthy
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): we need to get their trust first
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): then we sell them shit
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): omfg..
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): some people
<cody (known1996) (Power User) has entered the room>
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): ok
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): :
<nips (nipnips) (Power User) has entered the room>
nips (nipnips): leave me be
nips (nipnips): NUGGA
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): guys
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): nou.
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): be nice
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): ok
nips (nipnips): whos here
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): npt ,e
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): not me
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): so we brought u all in here for one reason
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): listin
nips (nipnips): mk
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): carefully
cody (known1996): tay
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): i have a penis
nips (nipnips): i have milk
<Project┼ (project89) (Power User) has entered the room>
cody (known1996): lols
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): guys
nips (nipnips): milk and penis go together
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): so we have this secret undercover 100% unknow clan
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): stfu?
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): oh hey project
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): thanks
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): welcome back
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): so we have this secret undercover 100% unknow clan
Project┼ (project89): ty ^^
nips (nipnips): sex
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): we all invted u to do this shit
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): now we need to
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): oull down our pants
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): okay..
cody (known1996): unknown clan o.o
nips (nipnips): *pulls down pants*
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): GetMilk
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): and cut our dicks to all be blood dick bros ok rdy?
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): 5
<kickerbs (Power User) has entered the room>
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): 4
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): YESSSS
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): 3
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): 2
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): 1
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
nips (nipnips): OUCH
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): FUCK
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): BLOOD
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): EVERYWHERE
cody (known1996): ....
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): SHIT
nips (nipnips): i have aids
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): ... PURE AIDS EVERYWHERE!
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): so we have this secret undercover 100% unknow clan
nips (nipnips): wait
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): ah fuck
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): i spilt my milk.
nips (nipnips): so whats this rely about
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): ok
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): me n stark
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): want to sell bananas
cody (known1996): ......
nips (nipnips): ....
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): and
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): we need
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): porn to do it
cody (known1996): ...........
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): soo.
nips (nipnips): NO SRESLY
nips (nipnips): WTF
nips (nipnips): GOING ON
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): we all kno u guys like the best nigger porn eva
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): i still have that link to the 69 year old doing a 69..
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): anyone wnat it?
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): so hand it ova
nips (nipnips): `stark
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): :/
nips (nipnips): send it me
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): aight
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): gimme a sec
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): 69 0n 69
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): 0.0
<kickerbs has left the room>
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): HE LEFT
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): OK
cody (known1996): wats dis abt? y u invited me here?
Project┼ (project89): ya why am i here
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): because
Project┼ (project89): o.o
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): we need ur porn/
<Invalid / command. Type /help for help>
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): legion
cody (known1996): -.-
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): u have
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): no friends.
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): legion found out how to invite people, that's it lol
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): /give porn now
cody (known1996): m out -.-
<cody (known1996) has left the room>
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): NO
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): U NIGGER
nips (nipnips): stark wheres this 69 vid >_>
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): gimme a fucking sec
nips (nipnips): hurry
nips (nipnips): V_V
<Flow[~]Bane (1wolfbane1) (Power User) has entered the room>
<pi3 (estampon) (Power User) has entered the room>
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): MAOR
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): RANDOMS
nips (nipnips): bane
Flow[~]Bane (1wolfbane1): FAGS
nips (nipnips): has
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): WOOT
nips (nipnips): gonohrea
Flow[~]Bane (1wolfbane1): i r teh doing homeworkz
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): GIVE US ALL PORN NAOW!
nips (nipnips): fail
nips (nipnips): bane
nips (nipnips): enab
Flow[~]Bane (1wolfbane1): D;
nips (nipnips): bane
nips (nipnips): u suck
Flow[~]Bane (1wolfbane1): yus?
pi3 (estampon): wtf
Flow[~]Bane (1wolfbane1): nou
pi3 (estampon): is this
nips (nipnips): pi3
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): tehfux
nips (nipnips): u bad
<Flow[~]Bane (1wolfbane1) has left the room>
nips (nipnips): FOR SHIT SAKES
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): ^
pi3 (estampon): porn.com
nips (nipnips): CMON STAKRK
pi3 (estampon): tthere u go
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): listin to the admin
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): ok
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): so
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): we need black dicks
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): i can provide.
pi3 (estampon): LMFAO
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): dude..
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): calm your tits
nips (nipnips): ...
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): i have to look in history
nips (nipnips): LOL
pi3 (estampon): LOOL
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): and there's a lot of fucking porn
pi3 (estampon): LMFAOLFMAOMLFAO
pi3 (estampon): bro i have a box
pi3 (estampon): full of tehm
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): nipz i beleave u have a supply?
pi3 (estampon): in my basement
nips (nipnips): >_>
nips (nipnips): I DO
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): AWSOME
nips (nipnips): ^
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): PIE N NIPZ /SEND!
nips (nipnips): <_<
nips (nipnips): only for my ey
nips (nipnips): es
pi3 (estampon): sry cant
nips (nipnips): /lol
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bparw9Jo3dk
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): ^
pi3 (estampon): running low on dildos
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): sunlight hurts my eyes
nips (nipnips): modestep
nips (nipnips): are shite
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): she does nos.
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): shal i /inv moar?
nips (nipnips): http://www.japscat.org/
<flow~deathy★ (deaththekid95) (Power User) has entered the room>
nips (nipnips): http://www.1girl1pitcher.org/
flow~deathy★ (deaththekid95): >.>
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): O NIPZ
nips (nipnips): http://www.2guys1stump.org/
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): nipz
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): IT BURNS
<ღ ℒℴѵℯ ღ (sweetmikeal) (Power User) has entered the room>
flow~deathy★ (deaththekid95): piss off legion
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): ladies here.
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): NIPZ
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): IT BURNS
nips (nipnips): http://www.1priest1nun.com/
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): OOOOOOOOOOOOOO
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): FUCK
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): NO
pi3 (estampon): wtf do u watch in ur spare time
flow~deathy★ (deaththekid95): im playing cod
nips (nipnips): http://www.dadparty.com/
<Invalid / command. Type /help for help>
<flow~deathy★ (deaththekid95) has left the room>
pi3 (estampon): no one ever heard of pornhub?
pi3 (estampon): tLOL
nips (nipnips): http://www.2girls1cup.ws/
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): SWEET BABY JESUS, THEY ARE FUCKING HAIRY AS FUCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): LEMONPARTY.ORG
nips (nipnips): ^
nips (nipnips): go here
nips (nipnips): trhese
nips (nipnips): are
nips (nipnips): the worst
nips (nipnips): http://www.lolshock.com/
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): wait
nips (nipnips): go right to the bottom,
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): go
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): to
nips (nipnips): you will want to kill your self
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): twokidsinasandbox
nips (nipnips): ew hell no
nips (nipnips): 3 guys 1 hammer
nips (nipnips): LOL
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): thats fucked up
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): not even funny.
nips (nipnips): ^
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): some1 dies.
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): you guys watched bme pain olympics?
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): thats not cool nipz
nips (nipnips): yh
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): i'm one of the contestants
nips (nipnips): stark
nips (nipnips): thats nasty
<pi3 (estampon) has left the room>
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): BME PAIN!
nips (nipnips): ^
<▂ ▃ ▅ TDK|Scribe▅ ▃ ▂ (naskey) (Power User) has entered the room>
nips (nipnips): im still wating
nips (nipnips): for
nips (nipnips): dis
nips (nipnips): 69 vid
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): lol
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): stark
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): dude..
<Invalid / command. Type /help for help>
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): i went back..
▂ ▃ ▅ TDK|Scribe▅ ▃ ▂ (naskey): what?
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): /give naow
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): and one of them are hairy as fuck
nips (nipnips): ^
nips (nipnips): i want
nips (nipnips): to c it
<ღ ℒℴѵℯ ღ (sweetmikeal) has left the room>
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): fine
nips (nipnips): Very Happy
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): l;ol
nips (nipnips): /happy
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): im scared
nips (nipnips): now im scared
nips (nipnips): :s
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): once stark posts that porn imma post this on the forums Very Happy
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): D:
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): Very Happy
nips (nipnips): lol
nips (nipnips): legion
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): GO STARK
nips (nipnips): join mine and fred clan
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): GO
nips (nipnips): GotMilk?
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): o the black cock white boy clan?
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): GotMilk ? fred
nips (nipnips): ^
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): rawr
nips (nipnips): GotMilk?
nips (nipnips): add slider
nips (nipnips): to this
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): be jealous
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): project ur no fun.///
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): join
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): naow
nips (nipnips): project is black.
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): I R IS HAXING UR COMPUTERS NAOW!
nips (nipnips): @_@
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): can i invite?
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): http://www.drtuber.com/video/163557/inmost-incest-dream-coming-true
nips (nipnips): `12 guys 4 microwaves
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): Manufacturer:
A blind nun
dont have one
Hard Drive:
me dont know
Video Card:
3 inch screen
Sound Card:
@ no sound
Mouse Surface:
Operating System:
Computer Case:
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): found it
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): Very Happy
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): i has invited
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): some noobs
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): WTF
<Slider (slider1707) (Power User) has entered the room>
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): STARK
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): ...
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): STARK
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): EWY
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): EWY
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): NASTY
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): yeah..
Slider (slider1707): LEGION LEGION
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): watch near the end..
Slider (slider1707): ew.
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): nope..
nips (nipnips): STARK
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): JEEZUS
nips (nipnips): I HATE U
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): STARK
nips (nipnips): 4 LYF
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): U NASTY
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): OMFG
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): i'm sorry..
nips (nipnips): Y WUD U FIND THIS
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): you asked for it.
nips (nipnips): IK
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): i was bored..
nips (nipnips): BUT
nips (nipnips): INCEST,
Slider (slider1707): lols
nips (nipnips): DAMN
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): /DELETES HISTORY FOREVA!
Slider (slider1707): wtf is goin on here?
nips (nipnips): /KILL
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): slider
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): O JEEZ
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): NIPPZ
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): dont
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): o fuck
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): nipz down.
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): ded
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): why did you come here.
nips (nipnips): starl u did this to me....
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): THANKS ALOT STARK
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): you asked for it..
nips (nipnips): yh
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): stark / ded
nips (nipnips): but
nips (nipnips): cmono
nips (nipnips): thats
nips (nipnips): disgusting
nips (nipnips): >_..
nips (nipnips): his penis
nips (nipnips): looked like
nips (nipnips): slider.
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): you want some moar..?
nips (nipnips): yh
nips (nipnips): why not
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): sure.
Slider (slider1707): WTF
Stark//Endrance (omgpikachuwtf): aight
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): moar
nips (nipnips): LOL
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): black
Slider (slider1707): gays
«†L£gioN♦️‡ » (brent251678): cock
Slider (slider1707): omg
nips (nipnips): slider
nips (nipnips): u fat
Slider (slider1707): fuck this shit
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): come at me bro
Slider (slider1707): im skinny
nips (nipnips): cum
Slider (slider1707): u nub.
nips (nipnips): pie
nips (nipnips): desk
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): why
nips (nipnips): fridge
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): are
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): we
nips (nipnips): MILK
<Slider (slider1707) has left the room>
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): discusing
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): poop
nips (nipnips): brb need to pee
My Name is Fred. (fredrepscod): we need dnyor here...
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Re: o stark stark stark

Post  Stark on Sun Nov 27, 2011 8:09 pm

Don't click on any of the links.

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