M16's Public Server Rules.

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M16's Public Server Rules.

Post  Daze on Wed Feb 16, 2011 1:58 am

These Rules must be respected on all of our servers:

The English language must be used at all times.

1. No Flaming: excessive cursing, insults, and/or derogatory comments towards another user.

2. No Accusing someone (within M16 clan) of hacking: without proof.

3. No Begging: asking to be recruited, or asking for a rank on in game.

4. No Racial comments/remarks: once in a while as a joke is fine, although we do not tolerate frequent use of it.

5. No Referring/Advertising for other clans: self explanatory.

6. No Trolling: harassing other members (especially M16 members).

7. No Use of hacks: self explanatory, you will not be given a second chance.

Additional Notes:

· Excessive, abusive swearing, harassing other players will not be tolerated; if any abusive behaviour is made towards another player, you will get a WARNING first then BAN.

· Any members on our servers will not accuse anyone of hacking without proof.

· Proven cheaters/hackers will be banned.

· Abusive behaviour towards administrators or rcon users will result in a permanent BAN from our servers.

· Spamming will get you kicked.

· Multi-clanning is not tolerated in M16.

· If there is a problem with a player or another ClockWork member within the server, contact the leaders or admins.

· Please respect all the players on the servers.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about these rules, please contact one of the leaders. (Daze, Papa, Sucka).
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